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A game changer in sparkling water consumption

Drink water not fuel

You wouldn’t believe the cost in terms of energy consumed and pollution caused every time you buy a bottle of still or sparkling water.

Bubbl Waters©

98% less impactful than buying a plastic bottle of sparkling water.

Bottle of Sparkling Water

Making a plastic bottle and filling it with water, cost: 3.5 fl oz of fuel, 3 oz of carbon, 9 gal of gas, 1 qt of water… and more.
Do you really want to know?


No plastic, no pollution

Why transport gallons of water from all over the world when you can turn the water from your faucet into a delicious soft drink? Bubbl Waters© only involve a few ounces in paper sachets and cardboard cartons, compared to pounds of plastic and water for bottling, then packaging which ends up in the trash, not forgetting the transport costs. We are involved in a battle that's being fought on three fronts:

The health front and the need to convince as many people as possible to reduce their consumption of drinks packed with sugars and chemical additives, in favor of the benefits of natural neutral drinks.

The front to reduce consumption choices that require industrial and transport activity, and so reduce the use of fuels. Let's try to get back to the common sense of local consumption and DIY, and the satisfaction that goes with it.

The pollution reduction front with limited use of plastic. Bubbl Waters is a disruptive product that allows these critical changes to be made, with no sacrifice on pleasure.

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